The Information Center at the Wasserstoff Campus Salzgitter

The new central H2- Information Center for everyone, regardless of age or prior knowledge! A place for exciting and profound knowledge transfer through pleasure, creativity and fascination. A project initiated by the City of Salzgitter.

The idea 

The planned Information Center features an exhibition conveying the topic of hydrogen – H2 – as a modern, future-proof energy supplier in the course of the decarbonization of transport and the economy. One focus is placed upon Salzgitter as an innovative research and production location. The well-founded presentation, both indoors and outdoors, covers scientific and historical backgrounds as well as current research and future-oriented ideas – clearly conveyed through practical examples and tangible objects.  Hydrogen Information Center Salzgitter 
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The location 

The supply building of the complex Hans-Birnbaum-Straße 30-32, built in 2016 and part of the Wasserstoff Campus Salzgitter, is excellently suited for the project in many respects. The modern building has a lot of potential – in the spacious interior as well as in the outdoor section with its own parking area and extensive green spaces. The convenient location close to highway 39 is a further advantage. 

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Who are we targeting? 

The Information Center at the Wasserstoff Campus Salzgitter is aimed at all interested parties of all ages. Prior knowledge is good – but not a prerequisite. Everyone who comes to the Information Center should simply be enthusiastic about the topic. One focus should be placed upon pupils from junior high and senior high levels of all types of schools (career orientation). 

What should be conveyed?

  • Overview: Are you familiar with H2? 
  • History: People use energy  (From wood to H2) 
  • History: The exciting discovery of hydrogen 
  • H2: Physical basis – cosmic dimension 
  • H2: Production and transport 
  • H2: Current examples of use 
  • Salzgitter: The German H2 center Development and future)


How should this be conveyed? 

With H2, the combination of tangible objects (hands-on) with innovative multimedia content that appeals to the senses is fascinating. The foundation of the presentation is the combination of hard facts that are conveyed in a playful way, including, for example, visualizations of hidden technical processes (augmented reality). 


Each partner of the consortium acts in its own name until the Wasserstoff Campus Salzgitter e.V. has been founded.

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