Conceptual design of a marketable green hydrogen supply for the Salzgitter region

A cross-sector knowledge base for technology and modeling projects at the Wasserstoff Campus enables the concept development for economically supplying Salzgitter with green hydrogen and the creation of a customer base.

Motivation and definition of objectives 

The supply of economically competitive hydrogen to industry and transport is essential for the defossilization of the sectors. In order to enable a physical mapping of the hydrogen value chain at the Salzgitter location, the economic conditions and the availability of hydrogen in the region must be identified. The aim of the joint project is therefore the establishment of a broad knowledge base for strategic and technical work at the Wasserstoff Campus Salzgitter. 

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To achieve this aim, several work packages will be conducted to determine which boundary conditions are required in order to facilitate a market for hydrogen and derived products in Germany. The local production of hydrogen in Germany (particularly in the Salzgitter region) is compared here with the import of various hydrogen-transport media from countries around the world. Depending on the production location under investigation, the hydrogen transport (e.g. via pipelines and by sea) to the Salzgitter region is always evaluated here as well. The generation is evaluated through the determination of the production costs of green hydrogen by modeling future electricity production costs. In addition to the electricity price, the future development of the investment costs of electrolyzer systems is thereby taken into account. By means of a sensitivity analysis of all cost factors, the hydrogen production costs are calculated in differing scenarios. 

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Technology overview 


  • Summary of the current technological status of hydrogen technologies along the value chain 
  • Basis for the data-based economic and technical assessment of the technologies (maturity, costs, etc.) 
  • Technology overview in the areas of production, storage and transport, and utilization of hydrogen 
  • Salzgitter: The German H2 center (development and future) 

Techno-economic evaluation 


  • Model-based economic assessment of the hydrogen value chain with regard to hydrogen-generation potential, taking into account regional and global networking possibilities 
  • Comparison of generation scenarios in Germany, Europe and worldwide 
  • The aim is to achieve a cost range of 1 – 2 €/kgH2 as a reference cost for grey hydrogen, so that green hydrogen becomes competitive 

Specific implementation and development of the customer base 

  • Preparation of a project outline for a power-to-X plant in Salzgitter 
  • Identification and development of potential customers for hydrogen from various sectors, e.g. steel production, public transport by rail, and logistics 
  • Communication of the study results within the framework of the planned education and information center 


Each partner of the consortium acts in its own name until the Wasserstoff Campus Salzgitter e.V. has been founded.

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