The SALCOS® project (Salzgitter Low CO2 Steelmaking) by Salzgitter AG

Salzgitter AG is one of Europe’s leading steel and technology groups. In the production of steel, we now work very close to the limits of scientific and process technology in terms of energy and are therefore one of the world’s most efficient steel producers. 

Nevertheless, production at our Salzgitter steel mill generates around eight million tonnes of CO2 per year, which is unavoidable under the given technical conditions and with the available facilities. In order to reduce our CO2 emissions, we, in collaboration with partners, are blazing new trails and applying innovative process technologies. 

Our transformation project SALCOS® – Salzgitter Low CO2 Steelmaking – describes in detail the way in which we can drastically reduce our CO2 emissions by means of hydrogen. The first definite steps have already been taken with the construction of wind turbines and electrolyzers. 

The concept has been under development with partners since 2015. It encompasses hydrogen generation and the conversion of steel production from blast furnaces to direct reduction, which is initially heavily based on natural gas and subsequently increasingly on hydrogen. With a complete switch to direct-reduction plants, hydrogen can completely replace the carbon previously necessary for steel production and thereby reduce our CO2 emissions by more than 95%. By setting ourselves the goal of directly avoiding CO2 (Carbon Direct Avoidance Strategy) as opposed to storing it or making it usable at great expense, we are ensuring that SALCOS® is sustainable and setting an example for the industry. 

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Wasserstoff Campus Salzgitter
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