This is where low-CO2 industry & mobility become reality.

A broad alliance comprised of the city, the region, politics, business and science

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Hier werden CO2-arme Industrie & Mobilität Wirklichkeit.

Ein breites Bündnis aus Stadt, Region, Politik, Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft


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Januar 2023

Ministerin Osigus besuchte den Wasserstoff Campus Salzgitter

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Hannover Messe

17.-21. April 2023

Wasserstoff Campus Salzgitter auf der Hannover Messe

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Februar 2023

HyExpert: Wasserstoffregion Südostniedersachsen formiert sich

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Hydrogen starts today - on an industrial scale

At the Wasserstoff Campus Salzgitter, the pursued goal is the realization of hydrogen technologies along the entire value chain from creation to utilization, taking into account economic and ecological aspects, thereby serving as a training platform for specialists and executives throughout the region and beyond.

Partners from the city, the region, politics, business and science

At the Wasserstoff Campus Salzgitter, the city of Salzgitter, as initiator, the Projektbüro Südostniedersachen – a joint initiative between the Amt für regionale Landesentwicklung Braunschweig (Braunschweig office for regional development) and Allianz für die Region GmbH (regional association of partners from business, science, politics, administration, trade associations and trade unions) – and the companies Salzgitter AG, MAN Energy Solutions SE, Robert Bosch Elektronik GmbH, Alstom Transport Deutschland GmbH and WEVG Salzgitter GmbH & Co. KG are already working on four projects that have been launched on the topics of hydrogen mobility, the storage of hydrogen in steel tanks, factory transformation in order to decarbonize the value chain, and conceptual design of a green hydrogen supply for the Salzgitter region. The Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST is the scientific partner and is providing support for all sub-projects.

The key to a successful energy revolution

We cover the entire value chain:

Energieerzeugung mit erneuerbaren Energien

Erzeugung grünen Wasserstoffs,

Wasserstoffspeicherung und -verteilung

Industrielle Produktion auf
Basis von Wasserstoff, z.B. in
der Stahlerzeugung

Wasserstoff als Basis für eine CO2-neutrale Fabrik

Einsatz von Wasserstoff als Energieträger im Verkehrssektor, z.B. wasserstoffbetriebene Züge

Power generation using renewable energies

Generation of green hydrogen, power-to-X technologies

Hydrogen storage and distribution

Industrial production on the basis of hydrogen, e.g. in steel production

Hydrogen as the basis for a CO2-neutral factory

Utilization of hydrogen as an energy carrier in the transport sector, e.g. hydrogen-powered trains

Salzgitter - hydrogen at the heart of the region

At the Wasserstoff Campus Salzgitter, the economically viable provision and utilization of hydrogen is to be researched and tested; as a result, train travel should become more environmentally friendly and steel should become greener in the future. In our film, we show you how the activities at the Wasserstoff Campus Salzgitter have progressed, which projects we are currently working on, and how the potential of hydrogen can be further exploited – both ecologically and economically – for a better future together. Prepare yourself for a surprise.

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